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About Us

My Community Fund provides a monthly donation plan to help raise and share funds as a community.

Our mission is to help communities have access to donated funds without the hassles of fundraisers, loans, or credit.

Join us today and become part of a movement that rewards collaboration, generosity, and positive change.

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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, or individual investors.

My Community Fund helps you get monthly donations directly from a community of donors.

Everyone who applies receives the same benefits as a community.


Why join My Community Fund?

Here is our top 10 reasons to join us!

1. Mostly everyone needs access to community funds.

2. Get instant and monthly funds from referrals and donors.

3. Get a share of donated funds on demand by contributing with donors.

4. Help your family, friends or community raise funds.

5. Offer a community fund to your customers or members.

6. Raise funds for grants, scholarships, gift cards or cash back rewards.

7. Use funding to pay off debt, save or invest in opportunities.

8. Get funding for startups, projects, upgrades, coaching or certifications.

9. Non-profits can raise funds by simply inviting others.

10. Anyone can simply donate without joining using your referral code.


How does it work?

1. Simply use referral code to donate and apply for funding.

2. Check e-mail for tools and promotions to use with your referral code.

3. Go to My Portfolio to view results, donate monthly and pay monthly service fee.

4. Receive a donation instantly for each referral and monthly if they continue.

5. Enter the community fund for a share of donated funds within 2-5 days.

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* Receive 100% of your donations for one flat monthly fee

* Get instant and monthly donations

* Raise funds as you invite others

* Help customers, friends or members get funds

* Get access to available donated funds

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Funding Rate

100% of the minimum $25 donation goes to you for each referral. Donors can give more or often using your referral code at anytime.

My Community Fund also raise funds to share with active supporters who enter the community fund. The shared rate starts at $25 for a share of $50 donation within 2-5 days. The share rate may vary based on available funds raised by My Community Fund.


Service Fee
No service fee for March 2024.

My Community Fund service fee is only $10 per month. Service fee can be paid thru PayPal, Venmo or Cash App by going to My Portfolio.

If service fee or monthly donation is not paid within 3 days of applying or 3 days following a new month, or
if you choose to stop participating, all your referral codes will be de-activated.

If an account is de-activated, referrals donations will go to My Community Fund to help referrals continue their monthly funding goals.

Questions & Answers

What is My Community Fund about?

My Community Fund helps everyone raise and share funds as a community through monthly donations. Our goal is to provide a steady source of funding for all.

How did My Community Fund get started?

The idea of a community fund started during the Covid Pandemic, as small businesses wanted to raise funds but also support each other.

There was a need to create a flow of funding for everyone without worrying about economic stability, revenue, loans or credit.

What's the best way to raise funds?

The best way to receive instant and monthly donations is to invite others using custom promotions. Also hosting an event, campaign or promotion may help small businesses and non-profit organizations raise funds faster. Contact us if you need marketing assistance.

Where does donations go after someone donates?

100% of your donations instantly go to your Cash App, PayPal or Venmo using your referral code. We suggest registering with all 3 payment apps to give donors options.

How do I get a share of community funds?

My Community Fund also raises funds to give. Registered participants can get a share of available weekly community funds by simply pooling funds. The share rate is based on available donations. Typically this fund is for single parents, students, veterans, or customers needing emergency funds on demand.

How much funding can I raise and how often?

There is no limits on how much you can raise. You are rewarded based on the effort you put in. You can get donations as long you have an active referral code and pay monthly service fee.

Can anyone donate without joining?

Anyone can donate often or more without joining by using your referral code. Only those who apply can raise funds and get a share of community funds.

How often can I get donations?

You can get instant and monthly donations as long you have an active referral code and pay monthly service fee of $10. When your referrals donate monthly, you receive monthly donations.

Is this like a SuSu?

No, instead of one person getting a total of pooled funds. Everyone raise funds by inviting others or by getting a share of available community funds.

Who can benefit from My Community Fund?

Anyone including small businesses, non profit organizations, customers, full time or part-time workers. Anyone with a smart phone is encouraged to join.

Can I join without referring anyone?

Yes! As an active donor you gain access to available community funds. Instead of referring others, you can collobrate and work with donors for continuous funding. Join our Facebook Group to connect with our proud donors!

What ways can we promote a community fund?

During tax season, at seminars, expos, community events, shopping centers, schools, apartments, sport events, company luncheons, grand opening, book signing, networking events, universities, restaurants, social groups, teams, members, hair salons, barber shops, realtors, bus stations, during a sale, gas stations, in person or virtually and more.

Terms of Service

Use of our website
& services constitute agreement to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Must be 18 or older to participate. Major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Cash App and Venmo accepted. Must have a PayPal, Cash App or Venmo account to receive funds. All members of My Community fund are required to register referral codes to receive funding. All participants must commit to donating each month and pay monthly service fee to stay active.

*** If service fee or monthly donation is not paid within 3 days of applying or 3 days following a new month, or if you choose to stop participating, all your referral codes will be de-activated. ***

If account is deactivated, referrals donations will go to My Community Fund to help referrals continue their monthly funding goals. Any abuse, fraud or questionable activity may deactivate your account permanently without any refunds. My Community Fund belives in equal opportunities for all. Our services are avilable to all in the United States unless otherwise notified by law.

We are not responsible for internet outage, techinical issues we can't control or payment providers errors or service failures. We are not responsible for transactions between members, donors or referrals.

My Community Fund, its partners, sponsors or supporters are not responsible or affiliated with any services, products, campaigns, businesses, organizations or individuals who participate. My Community Fund is not associated with any payment services or merchants. All donations and service fees are non-refundable and final.

You do not acquire a license or any ownership rights to any trademarks or service marks through your access or use of My Community Fund products, services or marketing materials.

Tax Reporting

My Community Fund raises funds from monthly donations to give to consumers, businesses, and non-profits directly or on demand from a community funding pool. Donors who apply to raise funds pay a flat monthly fee to use website for donations, applying, shared community funds, view results, get support and download promotions. Only donations toward non-profits may be considered charitable donations. Funding toward businesses may be considered as income and if using donated funds to pay self. You’d have to claim it as income on your business or personal tax return. You can write of expenses related to business.

Can I write off donations to friends? The IRS does not allow a deduction for gifts to individuals, though you may get a deduction if your gift goes to a charity or other qualifying organization. "Personal gifts" or donated funds without anything in return, for the most part, are not taxed as income in the United States. Additionally, donations made are not tax deductible for personal or business use.

My Community Fund does not hold any donations you receive from supporters.  

If you donate funds as a considerable charitable donation to a non-profit please contact that Non-profit for qualifying documentation of Non-Profit status for tax purposes if needed. We are not able to provide specific tax advice so, please consult with your accountant or tax professional for tax questions.

For reference:
Do You Have To Pay Income Tax on Crowdfunded Money
IRS Crowdfunding Rules & Obligations

Privacy Policy:
Your contact information is very important to us and is kept private and solely for the use of My Community Fund. Your contact information is used for support, verification, news, alerts and updates. We collect e-mail address and payment tags for referral code registration, portfolio and tracking results. Donations and service fee are processed securely thru PayPal, Cash App or Venmo. My Community Fund is not a bank or affiliated with PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo.

Terms of service are subject to change with or without notice. Have any questions please contact us.

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